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Thank you for purchasing from Alldaymall.com.
After you have placed an order and completed payment, Alldaymall.com will email you your order conformation. You can view your order history and status if you log in here. There are four different order statuses:

  1. Pending

    It indicates that your order is on hold due to payment problems. Two main factors may result in "pending" orders.

    1. Your payment transaction failed. There are several reasons, e.g. insufficient credit limit, billing information mismatch, etc.
      Note: If your payment transaction failed due to unknown reasons, please contact your credit card issuer or our Customer Service to get details.
    2. You choose to pay via Money order, Certified Check, Wire Transfer or West Union. These are not instant payment methods. It may take some time to confirm your payment. We will change your order status form "Pending" to "Processing" after payment confirmation.
      Note: If you choose one of these payment methods, please notify our Customer Service in advance. We can help you process your payment. In additional, please notify us after completing your payment with the above mentioned providers, so that we can confirm your payment as soon as possible.
  2. Processing

    It indicates that your order is being processed.
    Processing Time usually takes 1-3 business days, including payment & shipping address confirmation, sourcing, quality control, and packaging.

  3. Complete

    It indicates that your order has been completed.
    Once your items are shipped out, our Customer Service will send you a shipment email with your tracking number and tracking link. You can track your shipment status at anytime.

    Note: If you choose Worldwide Free Shipping, the shipment status information may not be uploaded immediately. We suggest you track the shipment status two days after receiving your shipment email. For more information about shipment, please refer to: Shipping Method and Estimated Delivery Time.


  4. Cancelled

    It indicates that your order has been cancelled.
    You can cancel your order before delivery. For more information about how to cancel an order, please refer to: FAQ -> My Account-> How to cancel an order.
    We may also cancel your order due to complications. In this case, you will receive an order cancellation email and get a full refund.