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Shipping Guide

Welcome to Alldaymall.com’s Shopping Guide!

General Guidelines

  1. This page shows you how to choose the right shipping method, estimate shipping costs and shipping times, and gives other useful information on Alldaymall.com’s shipping process.
  2. Shipping method, cost and duration depend on the item(s) you purchase as well as on your shipping address. Each shipping method has its own restrictions and fees.
  3. Shipping Delivery Time is divided into order processing time and shipping time. Processing Time refers to the time that is needed for handling and preparing your order to be shipped. Processing Time usually takes 1-3 business days, including payment & shipping address confirmation, sourcing, quality control, and packaging.
  4. You can choose the shipping method you prefer on the Billing, Shipping, and Review page during the Checkout process. There are three main shipping methods to choose from:

Free Shipping

  1. Worldwide Free Shipping is guaranteed to our global online consumers. In order to ensure the items you receive are good quality, all products in your order have gone through Alldaymall’s quality control inspection. The items you purchased will be sent directly to you from our warehouses in China.
  2. The delivery time for standard free shipping is about 7 - 15 business days (USA & Canada),15 - 30 business days (other countries). Order tracking may not always be available. If your order is more than US$ 200, we will upgrade the shipping method for free to shorten the shipping time.

International Express Shipping

  1. This shipping method is the fastest one available. Delivery time is about 3 - 5 business days to all major destinations.
  2. Shipping costs vary with item, but all orders that use expedited shipping will receive a 35% shipping costs discount.

EMS Shipping

  1. EMS shipping takes a bit longer than expedited shipping but costs less. Delivery time is about 6 - 8 business days to all major destinations.
  2. Shipping costs vary with item, but all orders that use EMS shipping will receive a 26% discount on shipping costs.

Custom Charges and Sales Tax

  1. Please note that there may be import taxes etc. due on your order. Please check with your customs before shopping at Alldaymall.
  2. We do not provide the service of arranging customs clearance and paying duties, fees and other charges to customs and other public authorities.
  3. Please leave your phone number on the PayPal note, so that we can add it on to the cover of the package to help the item clear customs.

Common Problems in the Shipping Process

  1. The international express could not deliver your goods (e.g. post box or military base). If this happens we will try to find a suitable method to deliver your product and reimburse the price disparity;
  2. During the holiday season, the number of the postal volume increases, which may lead to delays.
  3. When the parcels get to the target country's customs, customs may need to contact you in certain cases to confirm the details of the shipment. The fees caused by the clearance procedure are to be paid by the consignee.
  4. The extra expense caused in some cases (e.g. Address is not very clear or the consignee can not be contacted) is to be paid by the recipient; if the parcel is destroyed by customs, the expense is also to be paid by the consignee;

Frequently asked questions

Phenomenon Solutions
Item lost or stolen during shipping process We have partnered up with a number of reputable shipping suppliers. We will monitor the whole delivery process to make sure your items will be delivered in a timely fashion. Once an item is lost or stolen, we will contact our shipping supplier immediately. We suggest that you to buy a new item if you need the item immediately, and we will give a full refund or re-deliver a new one after finishing the process.
It takes too long to get my item. For Worldwide Free Shipping, normally items ship within 30 business days, but there may be delays due to shipping destination or holiday mailing traffic. If you haven’t received your item within 60 business days, you can apply for a refund.
If you are in urgent need of the item, we recommend you to choose a faster shipping method, like International Express Shipping, EMS Shipping.
Incomplete item (missing accessories or components), item damage. We suggest you contact the shipping supplier after receiving the damaged item. If the shipping supplier can't solve the problem, please contact our Customer Service and provide them with photos or other evidence to clarify the quality issues. We will then grant you a purchasing discount, partial refund, or re-delivery. For more information, please refer to our "Return Policy".
Parcels withheld or returned by local customs. We do not provide the service of arranging customs clearance and paying duties, fees and any other charges to the customs and other public authorities, if it is required. Please check your country’s import and customs regulations before you buy items at Alldaymall.com.
If the parcel is returned to us, we will give you a partial refund after deducting our shipping fees.
Parcels returned because of no-sign or invalid address. The buyer bears the freight. We will give a partial refund (original price minus shipping fee) or arrange re-delivery.