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Lucky Gifts

Free Coupon Package

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Summer Cooling Package

It contains "Mini USB Fan" + "Mini USB Fridge" + "USB Powered Cooling Pad". One lucky winner per day.

Super Speed USB3.0 Series

8 GB USB 3.0 Express Flash Driver + USB 3.0 Super Speed Extension Cable + USB 3.0 Card/PCI-E Card (choose 1 out of the 2). Only one lucky winner per day.

How We Draw the Lucky Winner

We will have one lucky draw every day. We import all effective order information to our Lucky Drawing System the day after you ordered. The system will randomly draw lucky gifts for you and export the winner lists automatically.

Qualification for Lucky Draw

Any registered customers are eligible to join our lucky draw activity during our promotion period. No minimum purchase. You get at least one chance to win one of our amazing prizes for every purchase you make.
In addition, we offer even more chances for our customers who place large orders:
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Prize Distribution

1. Coupons distribution: If you are one of the lucky winners, our Customer Service will send you an email with coupon code within 3 working days after the initial lucky draw. You can use the coupon code for your next purchase at alldaymall.com. If you win more than one coupon in a single day, we will sum up all the coupons into one single coupon code.
2. The prizes of our “Summer Cooling Package” and “Super Speed USB3.0 Series” will be sent to you along with your ordered items. The winners will be posted at Alldaymall.com the day after the lucky draw. Please keep an eye on our website.

Promotion time: Aug 1, 2011-Aug 31, 2011

Alldaymall.com possesses the right of interpretation of this promotion activity and reserves the right to modify the promotion details from time to time due to marketing factors. For more surprises and chances to win, Alldaymall.com!
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