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Our Guarantee

In order to ensure the best possible shopping experience for our customers, we provide the following guarantees:

Price Match Guarantee

We pursue to offer high quality products at unbeatably cheap prices. We view this as our core business guideline and our competitive advantage.
Should you find any other online whole-seller's price to be lower than ours while shopping at imallnow.com, please contact our Customer Service. We will offer you a purchasing discount to make up for the difference in price.


  • When comparing prices, please take the shipping fees into account. Many times we offer free-shipping while others without free-shipping service.
  • Please compare the prices at the same date, because prices change constantly due to various market factors.
  • Our price guarantee does not include items that are only similar, but not the same. Differences in quality, size, brand, etc., are not covered by our Price Guarantee.
  • Our Price Guarantee only applies to presale activity. If you have already placed an order in Alldaymall.com, any price difference will not be considered nor compensated.

30-day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the item within 30 days after receiving it, we provide following solutions:

  • After you return the item, we will give you a partial refund (The original price minus shipping cost).
  • After you return the item, we will exchange the item for another similar item. Note that you will have to cover the shipping fees and a potential price difference.


In this case, all returned items must be in brand-new condition, unused, with complete accessories, and original tags and packaging. If the item shows signs of use or is damaged, this policy does not apply.