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Affiliate Program

Join us to earn cash from home!

Our basic commission rate is 10%

Share our profit, without any cost or risk.

Get Paid for Every Click!

We will pay $0.01 for every original IP click even if there are no sales.

Performance based Commission!

11% commission when an affiliate reaches US$ 500 of sales through their link in any given month.

12% commission when an affiliate reaches US$ 2,000 of sales through their link in any given month.

13.5% commission when an affiliate reaches US$ 5,000 of sales through their link in any given month.

15% commission when an affiliate reaches US$ 10,000 of sales through their link in any given month.

What is the Alldaymall Affiliate Program

No matter where you are and what you do, we provide you with the chance to earn thousands of dollars by becoming an affiliate of Alldaymall.com. The Alldaymall.com Affiliate Program essentially allows you to generate revenue for every valid purchase and click made that originates from your business or non-business channels.

How does the Alldaymall Affiliate Program work?

  • Sign up for the Alldaymall Affiliate Program here. You will get your personal affiliate code. Our term of validity for cookies is 30 days.
  • Place Alldaymall.com affiliate links or banners on your website, in signatures, sent them as headers or signatures in emails or in-clan communications and forums. You can either design your own link –matching the style of your website - or choose from our selection at iMallnow.com.
  • Visitors on your website click the link to our website and purchase goods from www.Alldaymall.com.
    You earn 10~15% commission from the sales and 0.01$ per original IP click (excluding proxies and similar). For commission amount: see above. The commissions are only available for finished orders, not including pending orders (this part of the commission will be sent when the pending orders are finished), we will send you a detailed list of all orders that come through you, along with the payment notification email. We pay via PayPal or via Check once a month. Note: We highly recommend that you register with PayPal for a secure and efficient transfer. Should your commission be less than US$10, we will pay the combined amount the next month.
  • If a replacement or refund request occurs regarding an order made through your site during the previous calendar month (for which a commission amount has already been paid) a deduction will be made in the checkout amount for the upcoming calendar month.

To facilitate and manage our affiliate program, we have partnered with TrackingSoft LLC, a leading software provider in the online industry. TrackingSoft LLC will provide the technology for tracking and reporting banner performance. Every click generated through your banners will be reported, and you can check your commissions 24-7 via email.


  1. Alldaymall.com discourages spam and will terminate an affiliate account if a valid complaint is reported.
  2. Alldaymall.com does not allow affiliates to do PPC ads using our brand (Alldaymall or similar words) as keywords, nor do we endorse first-person emails entitled with our brand Alldaymall or similar words). We will not pay commission for that. Thank you for your understanding.
  3. Alldaymall.com retains the final right of interpreting the terms of the Alldaymall Affiliate Program.

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Email: affiliate@alldaymall.com
MSN: alldaymall@hotmail.com